Vda Plant Yucca

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  • Vda Plant Yucca

    VAT included
  • About the Yucca

    The Yucca, also called palm lily, comes naturally from North and South America. The houseplant is very strong and easy to care for. Perfect if you have less time to care for your houseplants!

    Yucca's fresh from the nursery

    All Yuccas are shipped directly from the nursery to your shipping address. This way you will receive the freshest possible plant in the most sustainable way.

    Air purification of the Yucca

    The Yucca  is a real air purifier. Perfect for creating a healthy and pleasant indoor climate.

    Caring for the Yucca

    The Yucca is easy to care for, and does not need a lot of water, watering once every 14 days is enough. Make sure that no layer of water remains at the bottom of the decorative pot. This can cause root rot, giving the plant brown leaves. This product needs a sunny position and with a temperature between 15 and 24 °C the palm lily comes into its own.

    Packaging & delivery of the Yucca

    The Yucca  will be shipped in a specially designed box. This way we ensure that the plant is sent to you neatly and as quickly as possible. Has the plant been damaged? Then we will send you a new houseplant for free!

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    Vda Plant Yucca

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